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What is a Kodiak Magnesium Fire Starter?

The Kodiak Magnesium Fire Starter is the right tool for starting a fire in any weather. Kodiak Fire Starters are safe, simple, durable, and waterproof, perfect for every backpack, survival/emergency kit, and tackle box. Easy and safe to use, Kodiak Fire Starters can be used with propane stoves and lanterns, barbecue pits, gas grills, campfires, and anywhere you need a reliable source of fire. An absolute must for campers, fishermen, hunters, hikers, military, and scout troops.

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Kodiak Magnesium Fire Starters were developed by Dave Villarreal, a veteran member of U.S. Army's Special Forces. They feature the finest quality magnesium and flint components, and are unique in that they contain no metallic fillers with the magnesium componentonly an inert softening agent which does not affect the burning temperature of the magnesium itself. Likewise, the Misch flint components are also designed to create strikes bright enough to be used as emergency distress signals, as well as to ignite even wet tinder and kindling!

We believe that the ability to make fire in the most adverse of conditions is one of the highest priority needs when planning your bug out bag, or otherwise planning for potential emergencies. It's important to ask six primary questions:

•What do I need?

•What do I have on hand to meet that need?

•Will this piece of equipment meet my need?

•Will it always work?

•How many needs will this product meet?

•How much does it cost?

With this one simple tool, you can:

•Save precious time

•Cook your food

•Warm your body

•Signal for help

•Make light to see by

•Sterilize or sanitize

•Help others in distress

•Turn stinking water into drinking water

•Lower your stress level

•Create a sense of well being and safety

Other alternative methods of starting fires are either rendered unusable when they become wet, or are ineffective in igniting wet or damp tender, kindling, or fuel. One key reason for this limitation is that other fire starting methods are not capable of attaining extreme temperatures capable of burning water. For example, a match burns at approximately 600 degrees F., while butane, propane, and even acetylene all burn somewhere in the neighborhood of 3400 degrees F. Even other magnesium fire starters, because they add other metallic fillers to their magnesium components, don't rise to the occasion, either!

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